We playback to teach

“Fun is good.”     Dr Seuss

Playback Theatre Sydney offers a host of fun, inspiring, educational and playful workshops using the power of play and improvisation to help participants unlock their confidence, joy and a deeper sense of connectedness to each other and the world around them.

Our workshops, run by skilled improvisers and professional facilitators are ideal for people and businesses seeking to improve their organisational culture, foster creativity, develop strong communication skills and encourage the kind of resilience and innovative thinking necessary to thrive in our busy and challenging daily lives.

It’s also perfect for anyone wanting to do something a bit different, dive into some personal development and  broaden their life experiences.

"Enrol in a workshop – you’re bound to discover something new about yourself that will surprise or delight you."


There are seven workshops to choose from(or we can customise one just for your business):

Listening to Connect

Enhanced Communication

Mastering Storytelling

Managing Uncertainty

Rediscovering Your Playful Self

The Power of Presence

Express yourself with Playback Theatre

Upcoming Workshops

  • Winter Weekend Workshop by Playback Theatre Sydney

    This workshop will take place over two days.
    Saturday & Sunday June 15 & 16. 10am til 5pm both days.

    We will explore our collective experiences - the stories that make us what we are - as we learn about creative play, improvisation and the fundamentals of Playback Theatre.

    In this workshop you will learn to:

    Increase your listening skills by being present in the moment and the body
    Say yes to your intuitive response
    Develop your presence through movement, expression and creative play

    We will bring our inner experiences out through play, collaboration and improvisation.
    We will develop new skills, explore ourselves and we will laugh!
    Come and join us as we explore the fundamentals of Playback Theatre.

    Saturday, 15 June  10:00am - 5:00 pm Book tickets



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