Playback Workshops

We playback to teach

Anyone who wants to deepen and enhance abilities in communication, in their personal and professional lives, will find our workshops valuable. Theatre is all about communication and with Playback Theatre we take this to another layer of authentic connection.

"Enrol in a workshop – you’re bound to discover something new about yourself that will surprise or delight you."


Our training programs translate our dynamic skills, mindsets and practices into rich and powerful learning for you.

We’ve trained facilitators, actors, leaders, counsellors, dancers, teachers, public speakers and more in how to communicate more intentionally, develop their onstage presence and build personal confidence, master storytelling, be able to manage the unplanned moments and to think on their feet.

Upcoming Workshops

  • Unlock your improvising self with Playback Theatre.

    Life can call on us in surprising or unexpected times to improvise. Picture the room looking on expectantly as you struggle to unlock that part of you that knows what to say - recognize this?

    This workshop is an opportunity to practice how to respond in a safe, supportive and playful environment. You will learn techniques to unfreeze a blocked mind and to relax your fears, to find the words and presence of being to fully embrace the moment.

    Over three Sundays we will cover the skills of deep listening and of ensemble improvisation that are at the core of Playback Theatre. You will be amazed by the power of ‘ordinary’ stories, and be thrilled by your ability to ‘play those stories back’ as improvised theatre. Then you can take those skills back into your life!

    3 Sundays - 16, 23 September, and 7 October 10am - 5pm

    Sunday, 16 September  10:00am - 5:00 pm Book tickets



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