Stories are in our DNA


What is Playback Theatre?

Playback Theatre Sydney is an outstanding Australian theatre organisation that creates engaging, interactive and transformative theatre.

With a rich tradition in the art of authentic storytelling and improvisational theatre, the practice of Playback Theatre has been around for more than 30 years, starting back in 1975 in upstate New York. Since that time, we’ve become a global movement of storytellers who operate in a range of situations, from fun personal development workshops and performances to corporate training and seminars to trauma recovery, community gatherings and more.

Through the power of playing back personal stories, we help people master the art of authentic communication and connect more deeply with one another.

“Stories are a treasure hoard of wisdom and fun and connect us to others.”  Jonathon Fox

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how it works

At Playback Theatre Sydney, we invite stories from the audience and engage in with you to encourage empathy, create connections and build bridges of understanding.

We use reflection, laughter, movement, sound, silence and stories to bring people together.

Our experiential performances are designed to turn your stories into moving, funny and beautiful improvised theatre that illuminates the human condition.

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Our workshops are popular with individuals or teams wanting to revive their sense of play, supercharge their personal development or simply learn how to tell compelling stories.

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Our bespoke training programs are created to help your team listen and communicate with empathy and build connected company cultures.

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