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Stories are the lifeblood of any culture. Personal stories, no matter how big or how small, reveal and connect us to ourselves, to each other and to the grander narratives of humanity. When we tell a personal story it resonates with others and with the past and the future. Our stories live in our cells. Playback Theatre engages this rich vein of story in any group of people that gather to connect and communicate.

Playback Theatre illuminates fundamental human experiences and emotions by listening to the audience’s own stories and reflecting them back using improvised theatre. The performing ensemble of actors and musicians engage the principles of improvisation to co-create theatre from the stories shared. This process of theatre-making is exciting, spontaneous and impulsive. Without any time to plan, the ensemble work together to weave the story told into theatrical narrative using  movement, music, text, lighting and chorus. The depths and layers of the story are lifted out of the literal and into the metaphorical, creating theatre which is moving, authentic and entertaining.

It is interactive improvised theatre that is an engaging and illuminating process, it is entertainment and insight rolled into one – every time.

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We improvise real life stories from the audience to create raw and riveting theatre for you! We love sharing Playback Theatre and our public performances allows newcomers to come to a show and see just what our unique style of storytelling theatre is all about. We perform at The Giant Dwarf in Redfern, and other…

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Playback Theatre has the ability to build connection and increase understanding and empathy through the shared individual story.

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Anyone who wants to deepen and enhance abilities in communication, in their personal and professional lives, will find our workshops valuable. Theatre is all about communication and with Playback Theatre we take this to another layer of authentic connection.

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Interested in knowing how we can work with you? Contact us to discuss your needs. Whether you’re keen on celebrating achievement, focusing on an issue, hearing diverse stories, training and development or having us perform at your conference, get in touch. We perform throughout the Sydney metropolitan area and would love to hear from you….

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