Do you need to create authentic and engaged cultures in your organisation or company? Everything we do at Playback is focused on being genuine and authentic.

We believe that clear and honest communication, empathy and the ability to listen to others is a fundamental personal and professional skill set.

We partner with organisations, learning and development managers and consultants to help them make the most of your people and their potential and learn new ways of creative and innovative thinking and engaging honestly with each other.

Our tailor-made training and development opportunities (including seminars, conferences and workshops) are designed to encourage your people to step outside their comfort zone, shake up old communication patterns, lead with confidence and build genuine and effective  teams and workplace relationships.

We also run the following popular workshops, for organisations, companies and just about anyone wanting to become a better communicator and listener:

Listening to Connect

Effective Communication

Mastering Storytelling

Managing Uncertainty

Rediscovering Your Playful Self

The Power of Presence

Playback Theatre 101




"Improvisation, at its core, is about how we react, adapt and communicate"

Bob Kulhan

We work with companies, local businesses, medical professionals, schools and community organisations throughout NSW and Australia across a variety of industries including youth education, nonprofits, healthcare, entertainment, business, IT and entrepreneurs. We love helping you and your team enhance the skills that enable us to meet one another and ourselves in the fullness of being human.

And we’re not about sitting down behind desks and chairs listening and discussing lofty ideas and theories while exchanging insights from the distance of some ideal way of being.

Our programs get people moving and engaged with the topic and each other from a whole new and present perspective.

Drawing on the richness of our improvisation and professional storytelling experience, our training packages offer you the chance to:

  • Foster a collaborative approach to leadership, teamwork and communication in your company or team
  • Learn how to listen deeply, incorporating the body, mind and heart to respond with authenticity
  • Think on your feet and manage unexpected moments and organisational challenges
  • Use storytelling to develop and refine your communication skills and form strong connections in the workplace
  • Engage and enliven employees and create inspiring, connected company cultures
  • Cultivate creativity and innovative thinking to improve your bottom line
  • Improve your change management process by giving your people the opportunity to reflect and connect
  • Learn acting and improvisational skills to be more dynamic, manage uncertainty, build rapport and increase creativity
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