Do you need to create authentic and engaged cultures ?

If you are looking for ways to encourage your people to step outside their comfort zones and shake up patterns and dynamics of communication then we should talk! Our approach to development is not about sitting down behind desks and chairs listening and discussing lofty ideas and theories while exchanging insights and learnings from the distance of some ideal way of being. No, our programs get people moving and engaging with the topic and each other from a whole different centre within themselves – a more embodied and very present centre. We encourage people to shift focus from the realm of only heady ideas and into the dynamic discovery of doing and being. To enable integration of the skills and mindsets we facilitate a process of business based simulations and reflective learning.

"Improvisation, at its core, is about how we react, adapt and communicate"

Bob Kulhan

We translate key skills and mindsets from the richness of our Playback Theatre practice. This practice focuses on incorporating the whole person – body, mind and heart and aims to expand each participant’s ability to respond fully in the present moment. All our work is focussed toward building relationships and developing abilities in collaborative communication as a team. All participants have the opportunity to change their patterns and habitual behaviours to create more energetic and engaging ways to interact and communicate with each other.

We draw on the skills of trainers with years of experience in improvisation, theatre and professional training. We will work in collaboration with your goals to customise our delivery into your culture.

Our training and professional development offers the opportunity to develop and deepen abilities in –

  • Collaborative Leadership
  • Collaborative Teamwork
  • Deep Listening
  • Managing uncertainty/ Thinking on your feet
  • Storytelling
  • Presence
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