At Playback, our performances are engaging, relevant, meaningful and entertaining.

It’s a powerful forum of communication that is unique, creative and playful and designed to create more energetic and engaging ways to interact and communicate with each other.  

Our performances can be entirely spontaneous or they can have a particular topic or theme that organisations want to explore with their staff.

That’s why community organisations, businesses, government agencies and schools may choose to commission a performance from Playback Theatre Sydney.

Mobile, flexible and adaptable, we can join your conference or seminar at any stage to energise your event, connect your people and sharpen the focus of your content.  

Our interactive story-based storytelling process allows individuals to express thoughts and feelings as an integral part of the collective experience.  

Here’s how we can work with you:

Warm up the Crowd

Use Playback at the beginning of your conference to warm (or fire!) everyone up, break the ice, make them feel at ease and help them tap into your messaging, goals and desired outcomes for the conference.

Revive the Audience

We can jump in halfway to ignite a spark of energy after morning, lunch and afternoon tea breaks, lighten the vibe, recharge the batteries and reconnect everyone with the material or conference theme.

Generate Honest Feedback

Harness our unique performance skill set and communication expertise towards the end of the event or conference to help gather information about what people have learned and generate ideas on how to apply key learnings in the workplace.

Enhance the Learning Loop

Our improvisation, action and storytelling techniques will shift your audience from deep intellectual understanding to active, emotional engagement. With Playback Theatre Sydney events, your team members and audience will be actively involved in the creation of meaning rather than being passive observers.

If you’re interested in having Playback Theatre perform at your next event, please contact

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