What is playback?

Playback is storytelling

Stories are the lifeblood of any culture. Personal stories, no matter how big or how small, reveal and connect us to ourselves, to each other and to the grander narratives of humanity. When we tell a personal story it resonates with others and with the past and the future. Our stories live in our cells.

Playback Theatre engages this rich vein of story in any group of people that gather to connect and communicate.

In essence Playback illuminates fundamental human experiences and emotions by listening and enacting the audience’s own stories.

The ordinary transforms into the extraordinary as Playback creates connections & insight thru this raw and riveting experience of personal and shared stories.  The immediacy and the intimacy is exciting and revealing, bringing audiences into connection with our shared human experience.

"The world is not made of atoms. It is made of stories"

Muriel Ruykeser


Playback is a facilitated form of theatre created through a dynamic collaboration between performers and audience.

Through a facilitated dialogue audience members share personal stories and experiences around a specific theme. These experiences are then watched by all as they are transformed into a series of one act plays through the skilful and energetic spontaneity of the 6 piece improvising ensemble. The players instantly create a theatrical reflection onstage using drama, movement and music.

The result is a compelling blend of entertainment, reflection, surprise and clarity as the Playback team brings the true story to life, spontaneously, whilst being intelligible and meaningful to both the story-teller and the audience.

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