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Playback is storytelling

If you want raw, moving, funny and powerful theatre built on the stories of real people, Playback Sydney are it.”   Audience Member

Ever sat in a room or at a presentation and been utterly transfixed by a story and transformed by its power to move you to a deeper place of connection?

Stories are in our DNA. At Playback Theatre Sydney, we are fascinated by stories.  

Improvisation and storytelling is our thing but what we really love is authentic connection. We tell and perform stories to connect and communicate with heart and we help you do the same.

From tailored workshops and role plays to training programs and performances, we work with individuals, companies and organisations who cherish genuine relationships, appreciate honest communication and understand the value of creativity in making us all better humans.

Our dedicated ensemble of professionals, actors, musicians, facilitators and trainers use improvisation to co-create an exciting theatrical experience for everyone where your stories are reflected back to you on the spot.


As a not-for-profit organisation, we have had the honour of working with a diverse range of individuals, companies and organisations – you can find out more about who we work with here. 

Let’s share stories together.

Our approach to storytelling and improvisation is a different and creative way to strengthen community and foster true connections with others. Enthralling, insightful and impulsive, it’s theatre and improvisation at its best. Hold onto your hat – it’s going to be a surprising and delightful journey into the heart of you.


"The world is not made of atoms. It is made of stories"

Muriel Ruykeser
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