Belinda Bennett

Belinda is a science communicator, musician, choir leader and actor who has trained in scripted theatre and improvisation. She currently juggles work in clinical teaching, theatre and events.
She has been a member of Playback Theatre Sydney since 2018 and is currently assistant artistic director and company administrator. Belinda loves the connection and wonder Playback brings to our audiences when they feel heard, and she revels in the joy we share with our workshop participants when we step out of everyday
life and play in this special form.

Lucinda Gleeson

Lucinda Gleeson she /her was born on Ngunnawal and lives on Gadigal land. Lucinda is an actor, director, producer, sometimes lighting designer and most recently the newly appointed Artistic Director of Playback Theatre Sydney.
Lucinda is inspired by the great levelling that playback theatre provides. It allows scope for the many stories that otherwise would never be seen on stages, to be fully realised with the immediacy that the tellers deserve. She is a proud member of MEAA.

Max Finlayson

Max has a BA in Theatre/Literature studies from QLD University and has also studied improv/scripted theatre techniques at the Actors Centre in Sydney. He also holds a Grad Dip in Education from Sydney University. In a previous life Max worked as an actor in Sydney based Theatre, Film  and Television as well as performing Theatresports. He joined Sydney Playback in 1989 and has occupied the roles of Treasurer; Conductor; Administrator; Director; and Actor. At other times Max is found skateboarding between work, family and playback lives.

Jane Leckie

Jane (she/her) has loved drama since Year 10 drama class, falling for its ability to connect us and express the human condition. Jane is a full time graduate of 16th Street Actors Studio, Guildhall’s Summer Conservatory, NIDA’s Musical Theatre Studio and Advanced Actors Residency. Jane is a qualified Creative Arts Therapist (Dramatherapy) and Group Facilitator. Jane joined playback in 2023.

Paula Novotna

Paula Novotna is a playback actor, social justice lawyer, professional storyteller and poet. She is also a TaKeTiNa rhythm process facilitator. Paula has been a playback actor since 2009. She is passionate about the power that comes to each of us, and to us as a collective, when our stories are shared. Playback encourages Paula to continue to say ‘yes’ to the offers of life, and to listen deeply to each of life’s stories


Majella O'Shea

Majella O’Shea is an actor, musician, creative arts therapist and improviser. She holds a BA in Music and Drama and a Graduate Certificate in Creative Arts Therapies.
Born on Barungam country, she currently lives on Gadigal land, after living and performing in Paris and London.
Majella facilitates inclusive theatre training with Sounds And Sweet Airs Theatre Company. She has been with Playback Theatre Sydney since 2017 and loves acting in the Playback ensemble, reflecting back to the audience their experience of living.
She also creates and performs comedy characters that explore cultural norms and stereotypes. She continues to struggle with juggling.

Josh Scotland

Josh (he/him) began studying improvisation in 2012 and discovered playback theatre in 2016 on Larrakia Land, Darwin. Josh has worked as a social justice lawyer for more than a decade. Most recently he has completed a certificate on Public Narrative: Leadership, Storytelling, and Action from Harvard in 2023. Josh joined Playback
Theatre Sydney in 2018. He loves the depth of stories and connection that is created through this form and particularly enjoys the impact that our performances can bring to organisations.

Jonnie Swift

Jonnie grew up the Orkney Isles, and started acting at school. They later joined the Orkney Youth Theatre, graduated with a BA in Community Theatre Arts in London and trained in Stanislavski technique in Russia.
Jonnie has worked in children’s theatre, cabaret, as a drag king, writer, director, storyteller, and education guide – in theatres, schools, women’s refuges, prisons, nightclubs, at festivals and on tall ships.
When Jonnie first saw a Playback Theatre performance, they felt like they’d ‘come home’ in this theatre form that – through listening, embodying, improvisation, and storytelling – can be transformative. Jonnie has been in the company since 2023.



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