Think of a time when you were preparing for a meeting or interview or difficult conversation.

Maybe you rehearsed your argument over and over in front of a mirror before you presented to executive board members on a controversial issue.

Perhaps you had to persuade a client to hire you for an important contract. Maybe your staff need help translating technical language into layperson’s language or you want to address bullying in your workplace.

Whatever it was, there’s a good chance nerve or anxiety took hold or you simply felt like you couldn’t communicate properly. That’s where role play can help.


""In short, the actors made the session. It was amazing." "

Liza Allen

Role play helps you develop your ability to communicate well (and with heart), listen with empathy and step up to your next challenge with grace and ease.

We’ve provided role play services as part of developmental training sessions in government and private organisations. We give the participants the opportunity to practice what they are learning in the safety of the training room with skilled and authentic performers.

Our role play actors use improvisation skills, flexibility, adaptability, deep listening and verbal and non-verbal expression to show you and your team or colleagues how to build rapport with diverse audiences. We are trained to be expressive and empathic so we can offer exceptional and meaningful feedback to participants.

If you’d like to use role play to help your staff or organisation, contact us at

“Thank you again for such a professional and valuable contribution to the Patient Safety Manager Workshop. I would appreciate if you passed our thanks to your team they were amazing and so professional. I hope they know that their contribution will have a positive impact on staff, patients and families.”    Clinical Excellence Commission

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