True story – tall tales and true!

June 1, 2017

Personal story has it all – emotion and energy, humour and horror, and often stranger-than-fiction surprise. And and listening to life’s stories through another’s tale can often highlight our shared humanity – and our absurdity!

This year, commercial television has cottoned onto our entertaining Playback style in Hamish and Andy’s True Story. We’re chuffed that our Playback storytelling method is being brought to the television masses but it’s still not quite as good as the real thing! Playback Theatre’s got pace, you’re in the room with the teller, the performance is instant (not edited) and it’s all completely improvised – so anything can happen!

So we’re putting it out there that even if the TV show is popular, there’s nothing like the original and the best! 🙂 So come to a show soon  – 2017 performance dates – and you’ll hear stories and see improvisational theatre like no other.

Come watch illuminating stories! Real time, real place, real drama, face-to-face with ourselves and our humanity!



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