Telling Is Listening and the magic of real human communication

July 14, 2017

Maria Popova is a marvel. Through her Brain Pickings newsletter, she provides inspiration and sustenance for all seekers and valuers of the human experience.

Here she offers an insight into Ursula K. Le Guin’s piece, Telling Is Listening, on the Magic of Real Human Conversation.

Playback Theatre could not exist without our Tellers and our Audiences and we salute Ursula and Maria for their dedication to stories and ideas and sharing them with us.

“… the intimate tango of speaking and listening is the stuff of great power and great magic:

When you speak a word to a listener, the speaking is an act. And it is a mutual act: the listener’s listening enables the speaker’s speaking. It is a shared event, intersubjective: the listener and speaker entrain with each other. Both the amoebas are equally responsible, equally physically, immediately involved in sharing bits of themselves…”

[Editors note: and we must say, we love her reference to ‘amoebas’ having just launched our new website with amoebas communing on our new home page 🙂 ]

Read Maria Popova’s magnificent mind and writings here at her Brain Pickings.



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