Playback Theatre Sydney is proud to be one of the longest continually running Playback Companies in the world.  We have performed in inner-city theatres and organisations for over thirty five years, showcasing audience stories for mutual entertainment, reflection and connection.

Our vision: we in Sydney Playback Theatre embrace the spirit of living in the moment. We delight in the value of the personal story, in its ordinariness, magnificence and universality. We connect more deeply with ourselves and our community through the spontaneous re-enactment of our stories.

Our mission: to present interactive, improvised performances that reflect the lives of each audience, giving fresh perspective to their experiences and inspiring them to new possibilities.

Our history: Sydney Playback Theatre has been performing to audiences for over 35 years. Formed in 1980 as an ensemble of professional improvisers (actors, conductors (facilitators) and musician) we have enjoyed a long and successful history of creating story-based improvised performances for audiences at conferences, in training rooms and in the theatre.

Our skills: it takes intensive training to become a Playback Actor, Musician or Conductor. Some of skill areas that a Playback Theatre practitioner will draw from include: improvisation, deep listening, authentic expression (both verbal and non-verbal), emotional range in character and point of view, chorus and movement. Becoming a Playback theatre member requires intensive listening skills, dedication, trust and team collaboration.



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