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Sydney Playback Theatre teams up with a slew of interesting organisations and initiatives to bring people’s stories alive.  Here’s a bit of what they’re saying about us.

One Door, Mental Health Services

(Formally Schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW Inc.)

Summary feedback – Through your insightful and perceptive reflections on our staff experience our staff were able to enjoy, laugh, cry, howl with laughter, breathe, reflect and connect. We all learnt something extraordinary about ourselves and the valuable people we work alongside each day. We were able to embrace ourselves and each other as unsung heroes doing an often thankless task with valiant effort.

"Highly impactful and memorable"


Q1. How was the performance and training session most effective? The performance engaged staff empathy. It allowed them to share their stories with one another and reduced the sense of isolation that many had been feeling under the increased pressures facing the sector at the present time. By using a mixture of emotionally responsive performance pieces the troupe were able to elicit a variety of emotions in staff which allowed staff to process some of their stress, tensions and pressures accrued in the normal work environments. The joy and laughter of the shared experience helped staff to connect or re-connect with the organization as a whole.

Q2, In what way did we add value to your event? Every way. We wanted staff to reconnect with the purpose and values of the organization Playback achieved in assisting this process. We wanted staff to feel valued and that we embraced them and they hard work they do. Playback helped achieve this in a very visceral and real way. We wanted staff to relax and have some fun as a reward for all their hard efforts over the last year. Playback helped us achieve this. Thank you.

Q3. How was your experience with Sydney Playback Theatre? We did a post conference survey to gain staff feedback in regard to your performance. You outstripped every other workshop and entertainment. We surveyed participants and 71.7% thought you were very good or above, with 60% saying your efforts were excellent. Excellent!

Silver Chain Group

I believe that what was achieved during the training was outstanding; Sydney Playback certainly exceeded my expectations.


Highly impactful and memorable… delivered perfectly to the brief. Sydney Playback are exceptionally talented at engaging an audience – regardless of how sensitive the topic is – and reflect back the issues & feelings provided by the audience in a creative, entertaining and touching way.

The Human Enterprise

Playback Sydney are a must-use, not just for their professionalism, humour and entertainment value, but their power to help leaders re-discover who they really are.

Cancer Council NSW

Through story-telling, people across different divisions could relate to the challenges experienced by a staff member from one particular division.  It helped to build a stronger team spirit across the organisation through an understanding of eachothers’  challenges.

American Express

They enabled the team to view the past years’ challenges through a format that was comical and light-hearted, whilst transcending the message very effectively which at times was confronting, although very well received and acknowledged.

Organisation Scentre Group Limited (Westfield)

Thank you to Playback Theatre for helping us with our leaders’ development.  The format provided a mirror that fast tracked our leaders to see how they could improve their behaviour and enhance what is already a great organisation.  The format runs the gamut of human emotions from tears to tantrums and everything in between, so it is very human and real.  The experience has brought energy to our leaders and added enormous value to our leadership journey in a very quick amount of time.

Religious Education and Learning Services, Catholic Education Office

Mark Hopkins, Team Leader,
Diocese of Parramatta

The combined vocal, physical and intellectual talent of the Playback Team was beyond our expectations. The performances humanized the day, providing a conduit through which the ‘world of system’ with its accountabilities, buzz words and corporate focus on strategic alignment was connected to the ‘life world’ of school executives – where the pastoral care and holistic development of young human beings is more engaging than system tables and performance ranking.  We will be booking Playback again.


Participant feedback after the show included:

  • the performers worked really well helping us to really demonstrate the complexity of the issues and stakeholders
  •  best demonstration of stakeholder relations and issues that I have seen in 15 years working in this space
  • really helped to think about the impacts of the project
  • I didn’t realize what it was that you (Community relations) really did but I have a much better understanding and a great respect for the work that is being done
  • would any of the Sydney Playback Theatre group like a job as a community relations practitioner?!!

Good Samaritan Education

The performance was most effective in representing each story to the audience in a way that drew out the significant values and emotions that were in play. The appropriate use of humour balanced the quite emotional content very well. The skill of the actors – in picking up on the essential qualities of each story and translating it into visual imagery – was outstanding.

Arts Health Institute

SPBT were very responsive to the needs of our organization. As a dynamic and innovative organization we wanted a playful, touching and creative celebration of our journey from all perspectives of the business. That’s what we got. The actors could skillfully get to the heart of each story that delightfully reflected the personal journey and the universal stories we all share. It was very on-point and wonderfully engaging for all stakeholders – creatives and guests.


Liverpool City Council

Playback Theatre was perfect for what we were trying to achieve – training in a ‘different’ way. We were wanting to raise awareness of Cultural Diversity and  Inclusion across the Council. The session enabled the participants to really feel and connect with their co workers.  It was such a different way to get the message across. Overall employees said that the training was fantastic and are now more aware of why issues could occur and how to deal with situations without hurting or offending others. They also mentioned how playback opened their eyes, were impacted by the performance and really enjoyed it.



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