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We playback to teach

Anyone who wants to deepen and enhance abilities in communication, in their personal and professional lives, will find our workshops valuable. Theatre is all about communication and with Playback Theatre we take this to another layer of authentic connection.

"Enrol in a workshop – you’re bound to discover something new about yourself that will surprise or delight you."


Our training programs translate our dynamic skills, mindsets and practices into rich and powerful learning for you.

We’ve trained facilitators, actors, leaders, counsellors, dancers, teachers, public speakers and more in how to communicate more intentionally, develop their onstage presence and build personal confidence, master storytelling, be able to manage the unplanned moments and to think on their feet.

Upcoming Workshops

  • Authentic Storytelling

    Ever sat around a dinner table or at a presentation listening to someone else’s wonderful story and asked yourself “why can’t I get up and tell my story?” In this workshop, you will discover the qualities that make you “you” and how they make you shine as a storyteller. Through games, story sharing and exploring spontaneity, we will take you through the key elements of storytelling - authenticity, emotional connection, metaphor, story structure and learn how they can liberate you in expressing your personal stories.

    In a safe, supportive and engaging environment you will be able to explore both your own stories and life experiences as well as allowing the unique storyteller that dwells within you to step out and shine. While this workshop is particularly useful for developing skills for social functions and entertainment, it is also perfect for those who want to explore their own creativity through story.

    We are all hardwired for story and Authentic Storytelling is suitable for both beginners and experienced storytellers wishing to deepen their own connection with their story.

    Saturday, 3 March  10:00am - 5:00 pm Book tickets
  • Listening to Connect

    Are you finding yourself lost in your own thoughts while in a social situation? Can't wait to talk when having an argument or ever had feedback that you just don’t listen? Do you want to get beyond the superficial and create authentic connections with others? Or perhaps you want to deepen further your ability to listen?

    In this workshop you will identify and work with your strengths and your barriers in listening. We will explore and share ways you listen well, and look at ways to improve your ability to listen on a number of levels. As playback performers we are used to listening both to what is said and what is not said and during this one day workshop we will explore the techniques we use to support us in hearing what is at ‘the heart of the story’. In a safe, supportive yet playful environment we will look at how these skills can transform the way we listen in the everyday.

    Authentic connection with others depends on an ability to listen in a way that ensures the ‘other’ is heard and feels acknowledged. This workshop is for anyone who wants to deepen the way they connect with others.

    Saturday, 14 April  10:00am - 5:00 pm Book tickets
  • Presence

    In this workshop we will explore the dynamic of PRESENCE. Do you sometimes feel uncomfortable, unseen or not heard at meetings, parties or in conversation? As Playback Theatre performers we use all of our being to engage our audiences, to express ourselves fully and to connect deeply with others. Using the playful tools of improvisation, expressive performance skills and insights from our shared stories we will deepen and expand your personal and/or professional presence.

    In a safe, supportive playful environment you will step out of your habitual and safe ways of being to explore new ways to express yourself. To ‘present’ yourself physically and vocally and build skills that will help you ‘fill the space’ or ‘make an impact’ - and believe it or not, you will have great fun doing it. While the workshop will be particularly useful for those who need to be ‘in front’ of others, everyone can benefit from feeling more aware and confident in their own personal presence.

    Saturday, 19 May  10:00am - 5:00 pm Book tickets



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